With support of the FMNR frater­nity, it is becoming an enjoyable task as Tree Talk Plus now becomes a centre for consultation on FMNR activities in the country. We have supported various members of the network on capacity building on the FMNR model including PELUM Member organisations, and we supported ICRAF/IUCN on production of a policy brief on Trees on Farm among others. Consortiums of network members (UNFFE, Tree Talk Plus, and ICRAF among others) are pursuing inclu­sion of FMNR in forestry policies.

In 2021 Tree Talk Plus received a grant from Vi-Agroforestry to support the scaling up of the FMNR model in Uganda. The support is largely for coordination, capacity building, knowledge management and evidence-based advocacy. Some of the outputs include recruiting at least 20 new organisations as members of the network, building their capacity to adopt, apply and integrate the model FMNR into their programing. Developing policy briefs for engaging policy makers so they are able to lobby for the FMNR model. Training 150 model farmers in forest-based enterprises and support farmers with FMNR plots to establish income generating enterprises. Packaging, disseminating and documenting knowledge from FMNR activities by the different members of the network.

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