Joining the Network

Membership Information

The Uganda FMNR Network currently has a membership of 62 organizations. All members pay Annual Subscription fees of UGX 50,000= which is paid by the 1st April of each year to the Secretariat. The Annual Membership fee is UGX 150,000= only.

Member obligations/Contributions
  • Financial contributions
  • Dedicate time to FMNR activities including exchange visits and capacity building
  • Sharing best practices
  • Promoting the vision and practices of the FMNR network
  • Designate a staff responsible for the communication and coordination of network activities
  • Share periodic information (quarterly) on their activities related to FMNR model for publications
  • Attend the annual general meeting for the network to support decision making
How to join
  • Be a legally registered organization or company
  • Engage in or subscribe to FMNR approaches
  • Exhibit record and experience in promoting environmental conservation
  • Be willing to uptake and demonstrate the FMNR model to enable its scaling up
  • Be committed and willing to share knowledge and experiences with other network members
  • Have the ability and willingness to participate actively in the programmes of the network
Benefits of being a member
  • Capacity building in the FMNR model
  • Publicity and communication benefits
  • Networking  and Advocacy benefits
  • Joint fundraising and resource mobilisation for FMNR activities
  • Eligible to sit on the Network leadership committee
  • Implementation of Network plans
  • Nomination  to attend related events, trainings and meetings
  • Agroforestry tree seedlings upon request and availability

How to apply

  • Applicants must apply to join the FMNR network by filling the application form available online on the FMNR website. The application can be submitted with a letter describing the past organization experience in FMNR or related work, or motivations of joining the network.
  • All applications for membership should be forwarded to the FMNR steering committee for consideration.
  • The application will be reviewed by the steering committee and the secretariat to assess the suitability for membership. Additional information may be sought by the FMNR Coordinator or the secretariat in case the submitted materials are unsatisfactory.
  • The secretariat will be required to formally communicate the position of the steering committee regarding a potential members’ application after conducting through assessments.
  • Successful applicants will receive a notification of approval together with a request to pay subscription fees.
  • All admitted members shall have an orientation discussion with the Secretariat
  • The right of admission to membership is vested in the FMNR Steering Committee, headed by the FMNR Chairperson. If the application is rejected, the applicant will be notified and reasons for its rejection stated.
  • The right of admission to FMNR membership is non-discriminatory, giving due consideration to women, youth and vulnerable groups.

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