Online FMNR Training and Recruitment of Prospective Members of the FMNR Network

With generous support from VI Agroforestry, the FMNR Network is implementing a 2-year project that targets to strengthen the FMNR Network, project a positive public image of the FMNR model, and enhance adoption of the FMNR approach in Uganda. Specifically, the project intends to i) strengthen coordination of the FMNR Network and its activities, build the capacity of members in the FMNR model, and document and disseminate FMNR best practices to inform evidence-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.

This particular activity directly contributes to Objective ii) which targets to build capacity of members in implementing the model. The Network has already undertaken a Training Needs Assessment of the members, developed modules and a capacity building plan and this will form a basis for the upcoming training. The online training for potential members will therefore take 2 days.

Specifically, the training will aim at:

  1. Introducing and unpacking the FMNR model.
  2. Creating awareness about the potential of FMNR as a key restoration model in Uganda’s forestry sector.
    iii. Exposing participants to actual implementation of the FMNR model – ‘virtual FMNR site’ (video for online training)
  3. Raising awareness on the importance of FMNR – alternative livelihood enterprises for smallholder forest management units (communities, private forest owners).

The FMNR network has a recruitment and accreditation plan for new and potential members. After the training and awareness on FMNR and its implementation, the target institutions will participate in recruitment meetings. During the recruitment meetings, presentation of the benefits of becoming members to the network will be made, alongside the principles underlying the FMNR model. As much as possible, the meetings will be intended to lure members to join, to increase the FMNR constituency and voice. This will still be done for the four regions, and the target is to recruit over 60 members of the Network.

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